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Логотип РуТьюба    
In all wanderings around the world

I've met so many

kinds of pretty girls

All of them like precious stones

Sparking on their own

I found them fiery, tender,

bright and sweet

In Rome and Paris, Lisbon and Madrid

But one girl remains for me

Steel a real mystery

I've been thinkin' about you

northern girl. Lady Ice

How can I melt you baby

northern girl, never cries

Tough like a pearl

orthern girl frosty eyes

I wanna melt you baby northern girl

We drink the sunset like ruhy wine

But steel you keep your head and hold

the line

Even when you look aside

I admire your pride

We stand together closely

skin to skin

You look forbidding as the

Snow Queen

But I hear your secret call

'Cause your fortress no walls

I'm still thinkin' about you

And when you ask me tonight

Why I search for love so, so far

I will hold you and whisper

You're my northern star,

guiding star, hahy